If you are considering to contribute to Logos, then this place it for you!

First, we really appreciate people that can help this project grow, and we would like to guide you through the standard contribution process.

There are many ways to help us, and here is a short list of some of them:

  • fixing an BUG, by providing a patch (or suggesting in the comments how one could fix it);
  • correcting some typos in the documentation, the book, or anywhere else;
  • raising an issue about a problem (i.e., opening an issue on GitHub);
  • proposing new features (either with an issue or a pull request on GitHub);
  • or improving the documentation (either in the crate or in the book).

In any case, GitHub is the place-to-go for anything related to contributing.

Below, we provide a few help pages (or links) to contents that can help you understand Logos' internals and how you can create submit a contribution.